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INCYTOИ® is a young company located in Munich (Germany), which automizes and optimizes cell-based assays focusing on label-free in vitro monitoring with microfluidic flow and fully controllable ambient conditions in one housing. The company mission is to increase the information density in each experiment, thanks to the high automation of testing process.

CYRIS® FLOX is a multisensor cell analysis platform by INCYTOИ® monitoring and analyzing different cellular key parameters simultaneously, in real time and label free.

As known, important parameters for representing cell viability are the changes in metabolism and morphology. CYRIS® FLOX helps to understand complex cellular relationships through the simultaneous observation of several key cell parameters, including dissolved oxygen, OCR, ECAR, pH as well as cellular impedance and microscopic imaging. In combination with real-time monitoring, kinetics of substance responses can be identified. All measurements are performed automatically in a fully controllable atmospheric environment with liquid handling on board.

Main application fields for INCYTOИ® technology are toxicological assessments, drug screening, mitochondrial profiling as well as cellular research in general.