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Kirkstall Ltd. is a biotechnology company, established in 2006 to satisfy the overwhelming need for more human relevant science, brought about by the failures of traditional in vitro research and animal research models. Current regulatory requirements to assess a molecule for medicinal use are focused around extensive animal testing using millions of animals, yet the questions of these models relevancy to the situation when using the same in human body are still actual. With in vitro testing we are able to use human cells to test molecules with very few related ethical issues, simultaneously reducing the cost of drug discovery and increasing the relevance of results.

Such models are very actual for the current research community enabling the academic and industry research community to save more human lives through a more effective application of human relevant science. In particular Quasi Vivo is an easy to use "organ-on-a-chip" model to replace the use of animals in many areas of medical research allowing precise control of the environment for the culture of human cells and robustness and repeatability of biological research. There are already a number of publications in different areas of biomedical research.

The company has spined off the University of Pisa and current collaboration with several leading Universities across Europe, Kirkstall preserves its creative approach to innovations and further research and developments.