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MetaSystems is a German company founded in 1986. MetaSystems is mainly focused on development of digital imaging systems for automatic scanning, searching and analysis of samples from cytogenetic, oncohematology, toxicology, solid tumor oncology, forensic medicine and microbiology. A division of MetaSystems' company develops and sells DNA-probes for detecting the formation of chromosome aberrations and rearrangement.

MetaSystems' products are world leading thanks to their convenience, reliability and modern approaches. MetaSystems' implementation of global business strategies with a human approach, which we refer to as the "MetaSystems Spirit," has been instrumental in achieving superior product quality and widespread customer satisfaction. MetaSystems strongly believe that a global company should foster a community of partners, users, and customers to generate a climate of collaboration and friendship. Therefore, customer service, training of MetaSystems worldwide experts, and direct communication are central parts of the MetaSystems philosophy.

LLC "MetaSystems" is the exclusive representative of the MetaSystems company in Russia and CIS. LLC "MetaSystems" provides equipment and DNA-probes, as well as comprehensive customer support, demonstrations and trainings across the whole range of MetaSystems products.