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Rigenerand develops and produces biomedical technology to empower cell culture combining the need of high
yield with innovative biocompatible materials. The mission of the
company is to create tailored and smart cell-based biotechnology

VITVO is a novel-generation 3D cell culture bioreactor for rapid cell
colonization in a 3D manner enabling an in vitro real reconstruction
of tissue complexity, in an in vivo-like microenvironment.

Thanks to its peculiarities VITVO can host human and animal cells
to at least reduce and replace small animal studies with both ethical
and economic impacts in drug development.

VITVO it's a ready to use, flat and handheld bioreactor, integrating
scaffold for the establishment of in vitro 3D cell culture model that
can be used for a large number of research applications and pre-clinical
investigations. This in vitro 3D cell culture technology offers also a solution
for precision medicine approaches.