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Shenhua Science Technology Co., Ltd. (SHST)

Shenhua Science Technology Co., Ltd. (SHST) headquartered in Hangzhou is a manufacturer of science imaging systems dedicated for molecular biology. The company is more than 10 years in the industry, has got ISO certified and European CE certified production facility Adhering to the idea of "based on customer experimental needs and continuous R & D as the core", "SHST" learns the domestic and the foreign advanced concepts constantly.

The core product of SHST are Gel Documentation imaging systems for all types of application including UV, Chemiluminescence, Fluorescence. SHST holds diverse Patents and Software copyrights. All products can be equipped with wireless connection and IoT module to strengthen the laboratory management, improve the experimental efficiency, and guarantee the safety, reliability and authenticity of experimental results.

SHST Gel Documentation Systems have gained recognition in Chinese scientific laboratories, being in top 3 suppliers (in line with well-known Bio-Rad and Cytivia) and are starting now their way to the global market.