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Shenzhen Sieman Technology Co.

Siemantec's metabolite analyzers are state–of-the-art equipment that has proven itself in research laboratories in various fields. A wide range of detectors of low molecular weight organic substances makes it possible to analyze the level of various carbohydrates, amino acids and other classes of substances by using sensors with a membrane on which the corresponding enzymes are immobilized. The sensor elements have high measurement accuracy, low analysis time and a long service life in comparison with analogues.

In addition to determining the concentration of organic substances, the analysis of inorganic ions such as NH4+,K+,Na+, Ca2+ using highly sensitive ion-selective electrodes is also available. It is also possible to determine the physico-chemical parameters of solutions, such as pH and osmolality.

The manufacturing company, Shenzhen Sieman Technology Co., Ltd., is an equipment supplier in the global market, providing advanced technologies, equipment and concepts for companies focusing on high-tech research in pharmaceutical, bioengineering and other fields of knowledge.