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Sino-Biocan (Shanghai) Biotech Ltd. creates and manufactures automated modular closed platforms for the production of cellular products for medicine and biotechnology.

Sino-Biocan modular devices form a complete line of solutions for various processes in the field of cell and gene therapy, including for such an urgent area as the production of CAR-T cells. Sino-Biocan solutions are in demand at universities, medical research institutes (Tsinghua, Tongji Universities) and biopharmaceutical companies, Sino-Biocan cooperates with the Chinese Society of Transfusiology (Chinese Society of Blood Tranfusion), with dozens of biopharmaceutical companies, participated in the development of more than 100 original cellular and gene drugs. Sino-Biocan solutions are protected by more than 50 patents and trademarks.

All production is carried out under GMP conditions and has ISO9001, ISO1385 certificates, the CE and NPMA certification process is being completed.

In its development, the company is guided by an integrated approach under the motto "innovation, development, cooperation and professionalism", improving its solutions and developing new ones that meet the needs of the growing market of cell therapy.