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Lacopa news

Lacopa has expanded its portfolio with SPT Labtech equipment.

Lacopa has expanded its portfolio with innovative SPT Labtech equipment for liquid handling, sample preparation and organization of low-temperature storage of biological samples.

SPT Labtech automated miniaturization makes a significant contribution to the development of advanced technologies such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, electron microscopy, crystallography. In a pandemic, many laboratories are using SPT Labtech genomics instruments in researches related to the study of COVID-19.

The beginning of our partnership coincides with the company's acquisition of the Apricot Designs solutions, which expands and complements the line of dispensing equipment and strengthens SPT Labtech leadership in the automation solutions for life sciences market.

We are pleased to offer you advanced solutions for the automation of processes in biological laboratories, which allows to organize the work of laboratories at a new level, reducing the cost of routine manipulations and freeing up scientists time for research