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Partnership with Association of Alternative Food Products Producers

The production of cultured meat is one of the promising areas of biotechnology, which allows you to minimize the use of animal raw materials in the food industry and solve a number of possible problems: lack of food, environmental problems, expansion of production, as well as ethical issues of the meat industry.

LACOPA and its partners monitor market trends, including the development of alternative food production, and has solutions for this field of market in its portfolio.

Recently, LACOPA has become a partner of the Association of Alternative Food Products Producers (AAFPP) that brings together like-minded people for the optimal development of the market in this direction and helps to develop and promote the products of the members of the association in the domestic and international markets. In addition, the goal of AAFPP is to participate in the development of legislation for better legal regulation of the industry of alternative and innovative food products.

We hope that cooperation with the Association will be fruitful for both sides, and our company will bring a new round in the development of biotechnology.